PHIUS Training and Certification

Blower door test on Fairview Passive House, designed and built in Urbana, Ill., by E-co Lab.

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Certified Passive House Consultant Training

The PHIUS Passive House Consultant’s Training program is geared to North America’s unique climatic, building code, and materials challenges. Learn to implement passive house principles in residential, commercial, and retrofit scenarios. 

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Builders Training

Learn passive house principles; get classroom and field instruction on envelope issues, HVAC considerations and testing; passive house cost optimization/bidding; QA/QC process. 

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PHIUS+ Project Certification

PHIUS Certification ensures that a building has been designed and constructed to the Passive House Building Energy Standard.

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PHIUS+ Raters Training

RESNET Raters learn how to rate passive house projects and assign accurate HERS scores. 

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Consulting Services

PHIUS offers consulting services covering:

  1. Energy calculation and integrative building design

  2. Building envelope optimization, particularly regarding thermal bridge-free construction, detailing, and material specifications

  3. Passive House construction techniques

  4. Passive House design services

  5. Passive House certification

  6. PHPP training

  7. Workshops on general Passive House principles

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